Scientific Machine (SciMac) is your source for High-Quality PTFE laboratory products


PTFE Labware Containers made out of PTFE are chemically inert and able to withstand corrosive elements, so you can store any possible reagent in PTFE Labware. PTFE is smooth and anti-stick so your reagent will not adhere to the container. PTFE containers are thermally stable from -200⁰ C / -328⁰ F up to 400⁰ F / 260⁰ C so all SciMac PTFE containers are autoclavable allowing  them to be reused without the worry of contamination.
Scientific Machine offers a large variety of PTFE PTFE containers for many different uses and in a variety of shapes and sizes including PTFE Beakers, PTFE flasks, PTFE Bottles, PTFE Jars, PTFE Vials, Crucibles, Evaporating dishes,  PTFE test tubes and Test tube racks.

- chemically inert and non-contaminating
- Ultra smooth interior finish,
- SciMac Stocks a wide range of PTFE bolts, nuts, and PTFE fasteners
- For use in ultra clean environments
- thermally stable from -200⁰ C / -328⁰ F up to 400⁰ F / 260⁰
- Custom PTFE Hardware see our Custom fabrication page 

Custom PTFE containers are available from SciMac in a large variety of  sizes, call us for any specifications you may require.  Whether you need a custom PTFE beaker or covered PTFE vessel or hundreds of PTFE vials you will find SciMac has the expertise and competitive pricing as well as discount rates at all quantity levels. For more information Contact us our technical staff will be happy to assist you in fabrication of your custom PTFE container.

Beakers & Flasks Bottles, Jars, Vials, Funnels Evaporating Dishes & Crucibles and Watch Glasses
Test Tube & Test Tube Racks