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Our PTFE sleeves provide a vacuum tight seal to a ground joint without grease. The sleeve is precision ground of PTFE to accurately fit all standard male joints. PTFE sleeves eliminate the problem caused by seizure of joints as well as preclude contamination due to stopcock lubricants and leaking ground joints. We manufacture ribbed knurled handle PTFE sleeves reusable 0.008” thick PTFE sleeve for standard taper joints with a reinforcing ring that provide a vacuum tight seal to 1mbar and also prevent the sleeve from sticking. Thin wall PTFE sleeves provide an economical choice for the Lab. Sizes range from 7/10 to 155/60. SciMac has a large inventory of PTFE sleeves in stock at competitive pricing and special discount pricing for large quantities levels.

- Resistant to all chemicals with the exception of molten alkali metals and fluorine
- High Vacuum performance
- Thermally stable from -200⁰ C / -328⁰ F up to 400⁰ F / 260⁰
- Manufactured to ASTM specifications
- SciMac Stocks a wide range of PTFE Sleeves
- Custom PTFE sleeves see our Custom fabrication page (link to Custom fabrication) 


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