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Threaded Glass Connectors, Glass Joints

SciMac Threaded Glass connectors are a grease free method of connection. Our diamond ground thread offers a vacuum tight and adjustable connection. Metal, Plastic, PTFE or glass tubing can be connected to your apparatus with a SciMac thread. SciMac connectors are compatible with all Scientific Glassware including Chem-Thread Connectors. A complete connector consists of an externally threaded borosilicate glass tube, a Celcon compression cap, and a Viton O-ring. When the cap is tightened onto the threaded glass tube the O-ring creates a vacuum tight seal when the internal taper of the threaded cap compresses it down and in. Custom Glass threading is available from SciMac in virtually any size thread or tube required, call today contact us (link to Contact us page) for more information or see the Custom threaded glass or quartz page (link to Custom threaded glass or quartz page) . Double Ended Connectors are threaded at both ends, size 18 double connectors are 12” in length and size 25 are 15” in length.
Precision Cut Threaded Glass & Quartz Internal Threaded Glass SciMac Threaded Connectors
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