Scientific Machine (SciMac) is your source for High-Quality PTFE laboratory products


SciMac offers a broad range of PTFE Utensils such as, dippers, ladles, and scoops. Excellent for the removal of removal of corrosive liquids from containers, transporting extremely caustic or harsh substances from one vessel to another and measuring out specific amounts of a substance. Due to the universal chemical resistance of PTFE all these PTFE Utensils are autoclavable, can resist extreme temperatures up tp 290°C and can be used in all scientific methods of inquiry safely. PTFE and other high-purity features help make chemical handling cleaner, faster, safer and smarter. You will find SciMac has stock on hand and competitive pricing as well as discount pricing at all quantity levels. Click on the item you are looking for to get more information or call us today at 800-641-7940. You can also send us an email. We will be happy to help you find the exact product to meet your needs.


  • • PTFE Utensils made of Virgin PTFE meet all FDA and USP Class VI approved
  • • Ultra smooth interior finish, chemically inert and non-contaminating
  • • SciMac Stocks a wide range of PTFE scoops, dippers, and PTFE utensils
  • • PTFE Utensils can be used in ultra-clean environments
  • • Thermally stable from -200⁰ C / -328⁰ F up to 400⁰ F / 260⁰
  • • Custom PTFE Utensils see our Custom fabrication page (link to Custom fabrication)
  • • SciMac Stocks a wide range of PTFE Stoppers


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