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Stirring & Mixing

SciMac stocks a full line of PTFE Stirring equipment such as PTFE Agitators, PTFE Turbines, PTFE stirrer bearings, PTFE Impellers, PTFE encapsulated stirrer shafts, and PTFE Stirring Bars. Our PTFE laboratory stirring Equipment come in a variety of styles and sizes such as 10mm, 19mm and for Pilot Plant vessels. We also carry related PTFE Laboratory accessories such as PTFE joint ware, stainless steel stirring shafts, and PTFE Stirrer blades. Most of the products we offer are made in our own shop in Middlesex NJ. Whether you need a custom PTFE encapsulated stirrer shaft and PTFE Turbine for your Pilot Plant reaction vessel or Maxi PTFE Impeller Blades you will find SciMac has the capabilities to manufacture your stirring requirements from PTFE or other high performance Plastics. Call today to receive a quote, our competitive pricing and short lead times will help your project move forward.


PTFE Stirring Equipment -

• U shaped Stirrer Blade- Strong, tangential flow with high shear rate in the circumference area, a good choice for viscous liquids. Depending on the size of your vessel in relationship to the width of the U Blade good for reducing sediments from vessel walls.

• Propeller Stirrer with 4 Blades at 45° Left Hand Orientation - The most versatile of all, the mixture moves from the bottom of the vessel upward creating good axial flow with low shear force. Available in both stainless steel and PTFE

• Mini Stirrers- Four paddles at 90°- Ideal for stirring in test tubes or in applications with narrow opening to vessels. • 90 Degree Stirrer- Four paddles at 90°- Gentle Stirring, Tangential Flow with little turbulence.

• Stirrer Shaft with Rotating Blades- A Round bottom blade at 90°- Tangential Flow with little turbulence, gentle stirring

• Impeller Blades- Gentle Stirring action from three curved blades at a 90 degree angle

• Heavy Duty Propeller Blades – Three and four Blades set at 45°, Left Hand Orientation - For large scale applications. The mixture moves from the bottom of the vessel upward creating good axial flow with low shear force.


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