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Stirrer Bearings & Couplings

SciMac makes PTFE stirrer bearings to meet the challenging conditions of the laboratory, including heavy duty solid PTFE bearings for use without a Lubricant, due to the natural Lubricating qualities of PTFE. Choose the right bearing for your needs- solid PTFE®, PTFE® with a precision threaded glass taper joint or PTFE® with our Interface Stainless Steel outer shell bearing. The inner PTFE bearing shaft guide and Rulon gasket provide a good seal against the shaft by means of the tightening nut. Replacement parts can be ordered separately for all styles, including saddle O-rings, gaskets and retainers.

- Keeps Stirrer shaft in perfect alignment
- Available for 8mm, 10, 19mm and I.00” shafts Bore
- Inner Rulon Saddle O-ring gasket provides a good sealing of stirrer shaft
- Combination Borosilicate Glass and PTFE and solid PTFE styles
- Assists in reducing vibration and misalignment
- custom sizes available – Call to discuss your requirements

IN Stock! Stirrer bearing and  stirring equipment for today’s lab for all your mixing requirements. Call us for any requests you may want, whether you need a custom PTFE stirrer bearing or custom stirrer shafts for you reaction vessel   you will find SciMac has the capabilities to manufacture your requirements from Stainless Steel, PTFE and other high performance materials. Call today to receive a quote, our competitive pricing and short lead times will help your project move forward.

One Piece Stirrer Bearing 316 SS Stirrer Bearing PTFE Joint Bearing
Stirrer Shaft Couplings Saddle O-rings