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Stirrer Blades

We stock a large selection of PTFE banana blades and crescent blades for our PTFE sheathed shafts and Stainless Steel Banana blades for our line of Stainless steel stirrer shafts. Our Blades are also compatible with glass stirrer shafts with buttons or eyelets.  SciMac PTFE Blades sizes range from mini 14mm x 44mm to Heavy Duty 40mm x 263mm and are 1/8”, 7/32” and 3/8”  thick PTFE in crescent, banana and football shapes. PTFE Stirrer Blades are made in either perforated styles or solid. Blades are designed to fit through the standard taper joint on glass flasks, minimum joint clearance is listed with every size.

SciMac has the expertise and competitive pricing as well as discount rates at all quantity levels. For more information Contact us (link to Contact us page) our technical staff will be happy to assist you in fabrication of your custom PTFE blades.


  • • PTFE Stirring Equipment
  • • Resistant to all chemicals with the exception of molten alkali metals and fluorine
  • • thermally stable from -200⁰ C / -328⁰ F up to 400⁰ F / 260⁰
  • • PTFE Banana blade is contoured for round bottom flasks
  • • custom sizes available – Call to discuss your requirements
  • • thermally stable from -200⁰ C / -328⁰ F up to 400⁰ F / 260⁰


PTFE Stirrer Blades - 10mm PTFE Stirrer Blades - 19mm 316 S/S Blades & Agitators
PTFE Stirrer Shafts for Blades 316 S/S Shafts with attached Blades Stainless Steel Shafts 10mm & 19mm Ø