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Stirrer Shafts

SciMac PTFE Sheathed Stirrer Shafts with Stainless Steel core provide long durability and due to the thick PTFE shell. The solid stainless steel core provides high mechanical stability and the PTFE sheath makes the PTFE Stirring Rod resistant to virtually any chemical. The top 1”-2” of the Stainless steel core is left exposed so the shaft can be easily attached to your stirrer motor or coupling. The solid PTFE sheath allows for extremely easy clean up. SciMac PTFE stirrer shafts will not break or rust and are not affected by dyes and glue.  Custom sizes are also available, call or email your exact specifications for a speedy quote.


Selecting a Stirrer Shaft for your Application:

SciMac offer shafts in both 316 Stainless Steel and PTFE sheathed stirrer shafts. When selecting the appropriate stirring shafts two factors need to be taken into consideration. The products used as well as their viscosity. The higher the viscosity, the larger diameter of shaft needed. Overall length of shaft also needs to be taken into consideration. A PTFE Stirrer rod that is too small or too long can start to whip at higher speeds causing undue stress on the equipment.


Stirrer shafts with 1/4”, 8mm,10mm and 19mm outside diameters are most commonly used. SciMac also makes PTFE sheathed stirrer shafts in diameters of 1”, 28mm, 1.25”. Additionally customs sizes can be made to suit your individual needs. Call our customer service department if you don’t see what you need or need further assistance in making a selection. 


For standard applications up to a rotation speed of 350 rpm and a maximum length of 24” a standard shaft diameter of 10mm would be sufficient. Stirring of High viscous products or shaft diameters over 30” it should be considered using a shaft of 19mm or larger.  The size of your vessel, viscosity of the product, speed of the rotation and length of time all need to be considered when making a selection.


Why does SciMac not sell PTFE coated stirring shafts? SciMac PTFE sheathed stirrer shafts are superior to shafts with a PTFE coating. Our shafts have a minimum of 1/16” to 3/16” of PTFE material surrounding the 316 Stainless Steel core.  Used in conjunction with our line of Solid PTFE agitators you are assured of purity. PTFE Sheathed stirrer rods offer complete chemical resistance, as the product is only exposed to PTFE. Poor handling of equipment or aggressive products can easily damage a thin PTFE coated layer, exposing the batch to unwanted reactions.


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