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Stirring Magnets

PTFE encapsulated stirrer bars are used as a simple method of mixing a diverse range of liquid media. Our Magnetic Stirrer bars have an Alnico V magnetic Core, one of the most powerful permanent magnet alloys available. The PTFE surrounding the magnetic core accounts for 18% of the diameter of the stir bar.
PTFE stirrer bars can be used with virtually any chemical blend, over a wide scope of positive and negative pressure, in an open or a closed system and over an extensive temperature range.
The comprehensive selection of sizes and shapes enables complete mixing in any shape vessel. When selecting PTFE stirrer bars it is important to use the right size for your vessel and media.

- None contaminating, completely inert
- PTFE encapsulation of magnet
- Alnico V and rare earth magnetic Cores
- Resistant to corrosion, oil, abrasion and most chemicals
- FDA and USP Class VI approved PTFE
- Magnetic stirring can be used in both open and closed systems

How to care for your magnetic PTFE stir bars and increase their useful life.
- Store in pairs to maintain magnetic strength
- do not drop onto hard surfaces, especially steel
- Avoid random piles

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