Scientific Machine (SciMac) is your source for High-Quality PTFE laboratory products


Scientific Machine is your source for High-Quality PTFE laboratory products



SciMac is your source for High-Quality PTFE Labware and PTFE Components. Our specialized experience in Manufacturing PTFE components makes us the premier manufacturer of PTFE Laboratory accessories worldwide. Since 1956, our company has been producing the highest quality products with leading edge technology out of our Middlesex, New Jersey manufacturing facility. With a 10,500 square foot production facility located at the hub of many of our markets, Scientific Machine can ensure competitive pricing and fast delivery for all of our products. We have successfully served the global scientific community with our highly accurate and durable PTFE products as well as custom PTFE components for decades. With our line of high quality PTFE Labware, we have extended service to a variety of industries (link to Industries Served page), including medical, pharmaceutical, oil & gas, electronics, perfume, food & beverage, semiconductors, and a number of others.

Our Offerings at Scientific Machine
Scientific Machine has a comprehensive line of PTFE Labware, Totally inert PTFE stirring equipment and scientific research supplies, PTFE parts, stainless steel reaction flasks, and a variety of other PTFE vessels and accessories. We offer custom PTFE services (link to custom fabrication) to meet your exact specifications or you can choose from a full range of standardized sizes as well. Our experienced staff can assist you in any stage of the design or engineering process. We can analyze your requirements and provide solutions that will perform effectively for your application. Whether you are looking to retrofit an existing product or create a new one, Scientific Machine will ensure a satisfactory result.