Scientific Machine (SciMac) is your source for High-Quality PTFE laboratory products

Scientific Machine is an industry leader in providing innovative solutions for PTFE Labware, precision glass threading, PTFE components for scientific Glassware and Stainless steel reaction flasks. SciMac is a proud to be a third generation family business. For over fifty-five years, Scientific Machine has been the innovative leader in manufacturing PTFE® Labware. Currently a women-owned PTFE manufacturer Scientific Machine continues to grow its already extensive selection of PTFE products and PTFE stirring equipment and industry’s reached by focusing on innovation. SciMac’s PTFE® products offer unique solutions to the challenges presented in today's Laboratory environments. Our long history has made us the leader in PTFE Machining and fabrication of PTFE components for the science community. Since 1956, our company has been producing the highest quality products with leading edge technology out of our Middlesex, New Jersey manufacturing facility. With a 10,500 square foot production facility located at the hub of many of our markets, Scientific Machine can ensure competitive pricing and fast delivery for all of our products.  


Scientific Machine & Supply Company was founded in 1956 by Edwin Phillips. Working for his father in the lens manufacturing business (Phillips Lens) Edwin had an understanding of the special requirements of the precision glass industry. Holder of numerous patents, Edwin’s ingenuity enabled the company to produce quality components at competitive prices with close tolerances required in the scientific community. His hands on approach to customer service and satisfaction provided a strong foundation for success. We strive to maintain the competitive edge of our founder by working hard to compete in a world market. Like most small business we believe that the entrepreneurial spirit is alive and thriving in the US today.

Our Middlesex, New Jersey PTFE Machining facility is 10,500 square feet. We are located in the hub of many of our markets for fast delivery to our customers. Our machinery includes CNC Machines, Vertical Milling Machines, Lathes, Hydraulic Presses, Royal Master and Glebar Centerless grinding Machines, Welding Machines, and a variety of other equipment to precisely and efficiently machine your custom parts and our product line. We are adept at working with design engineers as well as sketches or verbal exchanges. We analyze requirements and provide assistance from concept through finished product. Designing new PTFE components, retrofitting existing products or performing value added assembly. From 1956 to 1995, Scientific Machine made PTFE components for the scientific glassware industry exclusively. Today our PTFE® products and PTFE parts can be found in industries as diverse as medical, pharmaceutical, oil & gas, electronic, perfume, food, semiconductor, and more.

Our Custom glass threading machines are fitted with diamond wheels capable of threading from 4mm Diameter capillary tubing or rod to 4" diameter tooled glass flanges. SciMac’s borosilicate glass, ceramic or Quartz glass threading department has the capability to connect glass directly to metal or PTFE® exceeding engineer’s expectations.

SciMac meets the most stringent technical and production requirements for both small companies on the leading edge of technology and large Fortune 500 corporations. At Scientific Machine, we are able to produce ultra-thin walled parts, as thin as .001" in thickness. We are able to maintain less than a .0001" taper from end to end on the part. SciMac can machine intricate parts as small as .010" OD and ID's as small as .005". Due to our extensive experience in PTFE machining we are able to achieve finishes that are better than a "16" finish, without burrs or hairs and hold consistent tight tolerances over large quantity runs. We also have many finishing tools, cross-drilling and slotting capabilities. We take pride in our workmanship and we look forward to servicing all your needs and requirements.

The expertise we offer can make the difference in your products performance and in your bottom line! Benefit from our specialized PTFE® machining experience and commitment. Contact us today to discuss your project. You'll be glad you did!